Poured Rubber Playground Surfacing at Anne Beers Elementary – Pt.2

This is the second article about our poured rubber playground surfacing installation at Anne Beers. A public elementary school located at 600 Alabama Ave SE, in Washington, DC, 20020.

The previous article discussed the preparation of the area and the first stage of production.

Custom Park Surfacing - Anne Beers playground, smaller and larger areas of colored poured rubber image.

Joining the seams of the different colored poured rubber sections

Once the smaller poured rubber areas are done they are cut back to the original design. There are no retaining edges – the two different colors butt up against each other and the clear delineation between the colors are due to this precision work.

The edge to edge meeting of the poured rubber ensures that there are no differences in the hardness of the surface – as pertains to fall attenuation, the responsiveness of the seams remains the same.

We refer to that as a “seam” where both colors are bound together. 

Custom Park Surfacing - Anne Beers - second stage - playground with green, yellow and blue poured rubber surfaces, completed project in a sunny picture.

The best way to protect that seam from tearing over time is to install color #1 the day prior to color #2 and ensure that the binding edge of color #1 is properly primed with a binding agent prior to installation of color #2.

Custom Park Surfacing - Anne Beers second stage - view of playground structure with slide facing the viewer, large blue poured rubber surface nearest to the viewer, sunny day photograph.

Rosehill TVP – UV stable and weather resistant playground surface

We use Rosehill TPV colored rubber granules (TPV stands for Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) for the poured rubber surfaces. Rosehill TVP is both stable in the presence of ultraviolet (UV) rays and is extremely weather resistant. This means that the colors will remain bright and clear over the years, as well as the elastic properties of the surfaces. Moreover, it is a non-toxic, non-allergenic product and contains no harmful materials. It doesn’t leach pollutants into the environment and meets internationally recognised standards.

Image of blue Rosehill TVP granules in a pile on a white background.

Handover and ongoing maintenance of Anne Beers playground

At this point, the project is handed over to the client, with instructions on proper maintenance so that the playground surfaces will last for years to come.

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