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Bill Armstrong Jr.

Bill Armstrong Jr.

Custom Park Services


Custom Park Surfacing


Bill joined the Parks and Recreation services very early on when he first started working for his father’s park construction company. Working as a project manager, he noticed the difficulty of time management regarding the installation of playgrounds on these sites. No less than 30 years ago, Bill decided to create Custom Park Services with his brother, Mike. He said it was a no-brainer; although they could be named opposite, their relationship was smooth and they both agreed that this was the best thing for both of them. He states that being an entrepreneur has been more than validating, and after working with a great team for years, he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. If you were to ask anyone about Bill’s hobbies outside of the workplace, they would instantly say anything regarding live music. He also loves spending time with others, and enjoys the “family traditions” of golfing, fishing, and hunting. Music and art have always been a key role in Bill’s life, as you can see it laid out through his field of work.

Mike Armstrong

Custom Park Services, Inc

Vice President

Custom Park Surfacing, LLC


Mike has been working in the Parks and Recreation field his whole life. From working for his father to creating a brand new business with his brother, Bill, he would not want to be working anywhere else. Being quite the opposite of his brother, Mike found his niche during the foundation of Custom Park Services working both in and out of the field. Doing far more than completing tasks as the Vice President, he is always making sure that the fieldwork is completed in an organized and consistent manner. He loves working with his brother, and on top of that, an amazing and supportive team. Mike has always loved the outdoors, whether that entails golfing with friends or camping with family, he’s an adventurer. Mike and Bill don’t just spend time together in the office. They own an RV together and love to venture, finding new parks or road tripping to a music event. Mike loves to be mobile, and has mastered how to consistently manage his team here at CPS.

Justin Armstrong Headshot

Justin Armstrong

Custom Park Surfacing


Justin grew up working for his father and uncle during the Summer breaks of his high school and college career. After graduating college, he spent a couple years working in the entertainment industry. From working and living in New York to Los Angeles, he found himself back in Baltimore with his wife and dog where he felt like he belonged. This is when he found his niche in the overall Custom Park business, where he began Custom Park Surfacing. Justin loves the traditional hobbies of golfing, fishing, and hunting, but also has found himself in the music scene just like his family. He loves to stay active and be with his friends and family as much as possible.

Female Placeholder

Allyson Gee

Office Manager

After taking time away from the boating industry, Allyson has been working with CPS for over 13 years. Stating that CPS is like a family to her, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. When she isn’t on the clock, she is outdoors rock fishing with her husband, or boating and jet skiing with her grandchildren. Her favorite aspect of her career is seeing the projects of Custom Park come to life right in front of her. Furthermore, watching her grandchildren play on these projects makes her feel more than proud to be working for this company. Allyson is proud to work for a company that brings such enjoyment and amusement to others.