Playground Surfacing Installation

Questions about playground Surfacing Installs?

Children deserve only the best when they go out to play, so the flooring of playgrounds must be made of high-quality materials. That’s where Custom Park’s Surfacing comes in. Discover how our professional playground surface installers can ensure that your playground is safe for children to enjoy. 

High-quality, environmentally friendly playground surfacing ensures the safety of children frolicking, running, and jumping around parks and schools. By working with Custom Park Surfacing, general contractors and property managers can rest well knowing their premises meet the industry’s most stringent standards.


Playground Surfacing Applications

When Custom Park Services opened its doors in 1991, the team focused on providing playgrounds with fully customizable surfaces from recycled materials. However, they later discovered that the technology and technique behind their success could transform an extensive range of properties.

Today, that tradition continues with Customer Park Surfacing, which serves the following structures:

  • Schools
  • Amusement parks
  • Water parks
  • Daycares
  • Entertainment centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Recreation centers


What Products Does Playground Surface Installation Involve?

You can choose between different products to suit your playground’s needs when installing playground surfaces. Below are some of the recommended materials for safe and ADA-compliant spaces. Each has advantages that will benefit particular properties.


This environmentally friendly product is an ideal option for playground surfaces. Flexi-Pave does not crack and is flexible enough to fit playgrounds of all shapes and sizes. It’s extremely porous, which allows for better stormwater and groundwater management. It’s ideal for areas that see constant rain.

Because Flexi-Pave is slip-resistant, you can leave your kids to run around the playground without worrying about accidents. Its compressive strength also allows you to place heavy objects on the surface without leaving indentations when you remove them. Connect with our surface installers to see if this option suits your goals.

Poured-in-place Rubber

Poured in place rubber is a durable and versatile playground flooring option. Its primary selling point is its shock-absorbent value, assuring parents that their children can safely land on the floor after falling from any fixture.

This playground surfacing option also comes in various colors, giving you complete creative control over the play area. Consider this long-lasting flooring material for your school or public park playground. Get in touch with our experts to begin the installation.

Bonded Rubber Mulch

Also known as resin-bound rubber mulch, this material utilizes shredded rubber pieces bonded with a special glue to create a solid surface. Its porous nature enables it to absorb impacts, making it a safe playground material.

Our bonded rubber mulch is made with safe materials to ensure that your playground will not trigger any skin irritation in the children who use it. Contact us today to install this popular choice.

Artificial Grass

Playing on grass may be a pleasant experience for many children. However, maintaining grass for your playground can be taxing and risk infestation from insects or small animals. Consider artificial grass instead.

Artificial grass playground surfaces can last a long time and are resistant to most environmental wear and tear. This playground surface option also requires minimal maintenance and does not host any creatures. Call our playground installer team to fit your playground with artificial grass.


What to Expect from a Playground Surface Installer

When it comes to installing a playground surface, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what to expect from your installer. A professional and experienced playground surface installer should provide the following services:

  1. Site assessment: Before installation begins, the installer should visit the site to assess the area and determine the best type of playground surface to install based on factors such as usage, budget, and local codes and regulations.
  2. Surface preparation: The installer should properly prepare the site by removing any existing debris and leveling the ground to ensure a smooth and even surface for the new playground surface.
  3. Installation: The installer should have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly install the chosen playground surface. This includes preparing the base, laying down the surface material, and ensuring that it is properly compacted and leveled.
  4. Maintenance and repair: The installer should provide guidance on how to properly maintain the playground surface and offer repair services if needed.
  5. Warranty: The installer should provide a warranty on the installation and materials used to ensure that you have peace of mind in knowing that your playground surface is safe and durable for the children to use.

It’s also important to choose a playground surface installer with a good reputation, who has experience installing the specific type of surface you are interested in, and who can provide references from past clients. By working with a professional and experienced installer, you can ensure that your playground surface is installed correctly and will provide a safe and enjoyable space for children to play for years to come.


What Does a Playground Surface Installer Do?

Playground surface installers provide a variety of surfacing services to make your establishment’s playgrounds safe and secure. Services include:

  • Installation: If you want a safe and secure surface for your playground, you can count on our installers to give your space the best surface while remaining compliant with safety standards. Let us assess your playground and determine the best surfacing product for your place.
  • Maintenance: It’s important to keep your playground’s surface in tip-top shape. Our playground surface installation providers can help you maintain the playground’s surface while you focus on other important tasks. Allow our playground surface specialists to check your playground’s surface and make sure everything is in order.
  • Repair: Weather and wear-and-tear can damage playground flooring. Our playground surface installers can help you repair the playground’s surface quickly and efficiently, so everyone can enjoy your safe and secure playground. Request our services now to determine the extent of repairs your playground might need.
  • Replacement: Do you want your playground’s surface to feature another material instead of what it originally had? Playground surface installers can do this for you. These specialists offer valuable advice on the best materials that suit your playground’s flooring needs and install them once you’re satisfied with their advice. Call us now to get started.
  • Removal: Playground installers can help you remove your flooring to make way for new plans. Whether you are relocating your playground elsewhere or putting up a new structure, you will need these surfacing specialists to handle the special materials associated with playground flooring. Connect with our experts today.


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