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Flexi Pave is a porous, flexible, and environmentally friendly surfacing material perfect for your next project around the greater North Carolina area.

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At Custom Park Surfacing, we proudly provide top-quality Flexi-Pave installation services across North Carolina. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering durable, eco-friendly, and visually appealing paving solutions tailored to the diverse needs of both residential and commercial clients. Whether you’re enhancing your home’s driveway, constructing safer community pathways, or developing sustainable urban infrastructure, Custom Park Surfacing is your reliable partner for Flexi-Pave projects throughout North Carolina.

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Why Choose Flexi Pave For Your Florida Surfacing Project?

Flexi-Pave: The Sunshine State’s Solution! Porous, durable, and eco-friendly, it’s perfect for Florida’s rain and shine!


Flexi-Pave is eco-friendly, made from recycled tires, reducing waste and allowing rainwater permeation to prevent runoff and recharge aquifers. Its heat-reducing, toxin-free nature and durability make it a sustainable, low-maintenance choice for greener infrastructure.

Safe & Durable

Flexi-Pave stands out for its safety and durability, offering a shock-absorbing, skid-resistant surface that reduces injuries and slips. Its flexible, rubber-based composition resists cracking, erosion, and extreme weather, maintaining integrity over time with minimal maintenance. This makes it an ideal, long-lasting solution for varied applications, especially in climates like Florida's.

Flexible & Porous

Does not crack or settle, allows for thousands of gallons per hour of groundwater recharge. Flexi-Pave's water resilience stems from its highly porous structure, allowing rainwater to easily permeate through and absorb into the ground, reducing runoff and preventing waterlogging. This permeability promotes natural water cycles and reduces the impact of heavy rains, making it an effective solution for managing stormwater and mitigating flood risks, particularly in areas prone to heavy downpours like Florida.

areas we serve in north carolina, usa

Custom Park Surfacing is committed to serving the entire state of North Carolina, with a focus on major cities, including:

  • Charlotte: Providing innovative Flexi-Pave solutions for urban infrastructure and residential projects.
  • Raleigh: Enhancing public spaces and private properties with durable and eco-friendly paving options.
  • Greensboro: Implementing sustainable paving solutions for both commercial and residential needs.
  • Durham: Offering customized Flexi-Pave installations for pathways, driveways, and public areas.
  • Winston-Salem: Delivering high-quality, long-lasting paving solutions tailored to the city’s unique requirements.
  • Fayetteville: Improving community pathways and residential driveways with our superior Flexi-Pave services.
  • Cary: Specializing in eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing paving solutions for various applications.
  • Wilmington: Providing resilient and sustainable paving options for coastal and urban areas.
  • High Point: Enhancing infrastructure projects with our innovative Flexi-Pave technology.
  • Asheville: Catering to the city’s diverse paving needs with durable and attractive Flexi-Pave installations.

Our services extend beyond these major cities to cover North Carolina, ensuring that every community benefits from our top-tier Flexi-Pave solutions. Our team is dedicated to meeting the unique demands of each city and region, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest quality and sustainability standards. Contact Custom Park Surfacing today to learn more about how our Flexi-Pave solutions can benefit your next project in North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flexi Pave

Flexi-Pave is primarily made from recycled tires and other rubber materials, making it an eco-friendly option for paving.

Flexi-Pave is environmentally sustainable due to its use of recycled materials, its porous nature allowing for effective water drainage and replenishment of groundwater, and its durability reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Yes, Flexi-Pave is designed to be highly durable and can withstand heavy traffic and loads, making it suitable for a variety of applications including pedestrian paths, driveways, and even parking lots.

Absolutely, its shock-absorbing properties and skid resistance make Flexi-Pave safe for playgrounds, schools, and public areas, reducing the risk of injuries from falls and slips.

Flexi-Pave is resistant to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and water damage, making it an ideal choice for areas with varying weather conditions like Florida. Its porous nature also allows it to handle heavy rainfalls efficiently.

Yes, Flexi-Pave is low maintenance. It doesn’t stain easily and doesn’t require sealing or frequent repairs, making it a cost-effective and time-saving option for long-term use.

Flexi-Pave offers flexibility in design, including various colors and patterns, to fit the aesthetic needs of different projects.



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