Questions about Flexi®-Pave?

Flexi Pave — KBI’s flagship product — represents the genesis and cornerstone of their technology and product line. Developed in 2001, it created the gold standard for flexible porous paving. Years of development and refinement have created the world’s finest porous paving technology; able to withstand the rigors of modern infrastructure while providing long-lasting, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

Flexi®-Pave Surfacing Features

  • Flexible — does not crack or settle
  • Porous — allows for thousands of gallons per hour of groundwater recharge
  • Cleansing — reduces dissolved nitrates and phosphates by as much as 88%
  • ADA Compliant — provides a safe, secure surface
  • Sustainable — uses high volumes of recycled tires in its construction

Flexi Pave’s permeable surface is one of its greatest benefits over traditional paving options. It creates a surface that reduces stormwater runoff and various types of pollution. The product also saves money over the long haul in comparison to gravel paving and its associated upkeep costs, and it lasts for up to 15 years. The product uses recycled tires to help reduce landfill waste and create a new, sustainable surface for a variety of uses. Flexi Pave can reduce dissolved nitrates and phosphates that enter the water table, and slows stormwater runoff by re-introducing flowing water to the water table, allowing nature to reabsorb water.

Color customization is available to help coordinate with the natural environment or to brighten featured areas. It can even be used to act as highly visible trail signage that doesn’t need to be re-painted as often as traditional paving surfaces.

Flexi-Pave: What Is It? 

If you’re planning your municipality’s surface material, you’ll likely run into one problem — surface run-off. While some rain here or there won’t hurt concrete pavement, you’ll be looking down the barrel of inundated sidewalks and drainage systems with traditional paving materials. 

You need a porous pavement material that’s durable, flexible, economical, and sustainable. If these descriptions fit what you’re looking for in a tee, look no further than Flexi-Pave. 

Flexi-Pave is revolutionizing surfaces with its sustainability and porousness. With its characteristics and construction, Flexi-Pave is your solution for surface run-off and frequent pavement repairs. 

Find out more about this revolutionary surface material. By the end of this article, you’ll find that Flexi-Pave isn’t just a solution — it’s the future!

What’s Flexi-Pave? 

Flexi-Pave is a paving material consisting of recycled materials. The recycled materials for Flexi-Pave are often from discarded rubber items. For the most part, our Flexi-Pave consists of old rubber tires. The paving material’s recycled sources make Flexi-Pave one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable paving solutions available. 

The recycled rubber in Flexi-Pave gives it flexibility, enabling it to withstand heavy traffic and vehicles. Because of its rubberized consistency, the paving material doesn’t absorb heat. As a result, it’s less susceptible to warping and cracking. 

The best part about Flexi-Pave is its textured and porous construction. The textured surface provides excellent traction for vehicles and foot traffic. The porousness of the paving material prevents water from collecting on the surface. As soon as water accumulates in one part of the pavement, it trickles into the soil, leaving no puddles for vehicles and pedestrians to slip through. 

What’s Flexi-Pave Made Of? 

Flexi-Pave consists of 100% recycled and sustainable materials. A large portion of Flexi-Pave is from recycled tires and granulated aggregate rock. Because of the materials that make up Flexi-Pave, Flexi-Pave is the most environmentally sound paving solution available. As a bonus, the easy sourcing of the materials leads to Flexi-Pave’s affordable price point. 

What Are the Benefits of Flexi-Pave? 

Flexi-Pave’s construction and consistency confer several benefits over traditional paving materials. Below are the advantages developers and contractors can look forward to when they select Flexi-Pave. 

Unparalleled Flexibility

Unlike concrete or Tarmac, Flexi-Pave is flexible. With Flexi-Pave making up a surface or sidewalk, the chances of warping and cracking will be slim to none. 

Flexi-Pave’s flexibility also enables a surface to withstand heavy traffic due to the material’s resilience against high-compressive forces. Flexi-Pave can compress under 70,000 PSI without cracking. 

Non-toxic, Sustainable, and Environmentally-friendly

Flexi-Pave isn’t just sustainable and environmentally sound, as we’ve mentioned. It’s also a non-toxic paving material. For this reason, developers and contractors can use Flexi-Pave on paved areas near soil or bodies of water. 

Retains Shape in Various Temperatures Like No Other Paving Material

Flexi-Pave maintains its shape regardless of the weather conditions. For this reason, developers and contractors marvel at the amount of asphalt they save whenever they use Flexi-Pave. 

Excellent Traction

For municipal developers, providing residents with non-skid surfaces is essential. Doing this minimizes slip and fall accidents and car accidents. With Flexi-Pave, developers can protect citizens and vehicles from sliding due to the material’s textured finish. 

No Surface Run-off 

One of the most significant issues confronting municipal developers and contractors is water collecting on surfaces. Concrete and Tarmac are infamous for developing puddles that create slippery surfaces. 

With Flexi-Pave, a surface run-off will be a thing of the past. Flexi-Pave’s porous surface allows water to seep directly into the soil underneath the pavement. As a result, no water collects on the surface, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in a municipality. 


We understand that municipal developers aren’t just creating safe surfaces for roads and sidewalks. Playgrounds, parks, and courts need safe surfaces too. Flexi-Pave is an all-in-one paving solution with a broad range of use cases.

Because of Flexi-Pave’s flexibility, it’s an excellent choice for paving areas frequented by children. These areas include courts and playgrounds. Also, Flexi-Pave is perfect for interior and exterior spaces such as indoor and outdoor parking lots. 

Flexi-Pave: A Sustainable All-in-One Paving Solution

If you’re looking for a paving material that eliminates surface run-off and is environmentally friendly, look no further than Flexi-Pave. Flexi-Pave is a versatile and sustainable paving material that solves most of your problems when you plan safe surfaces in your municipality. 

Choose Flexi-Pave and pave your municipality safely, economically, and sustainably.

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