How To Upgrade Public Playgrounds With Eco-Friendly Materials

Getting the local government to upgrade playgrounds with eco-friendly materials can be complicated. Although the intention is good, the decision to take such action depends on various factors outside anyone’s control. One example of such a factor is the government’s budget. Can funding be allocated for upgrading playgrounds to environmentally friendly materials? What would this project cost the local government, and is this a priority over other projects? What benefits will it give to the children? These are just some questions that may arise when this proposal is brought to the attention of the local government. 

It does not mean, however, that people should give up on demanding an eco-friendly playground. Upgrading traditional playgrounds with sustainable materials has its advantages, without a doubt. Here are ways to help convince the local government to upgrade playgrounds with eco-friendly materials.

Kids on a playground drawing a globe with chalk

Start a Petition

Starting a petition is a great way to gather support for advocacy or a campaign to bring about change. Since a considerable amount of signatures is collected for petitions, it can also display strength and unity in the community. Traditionally, petitions are done by collecting signatures manually, but with the advent of technology, online petitions have become popular because of their ease of use and accessibility. 

For a petition to be effective, write a title that readily describes the campaign. In this case, the petition’s title can be “Petition to Upgrade Playgrounds with Eco-Friendly Materials.” Do not forget to write a purpose statement that states the petition’s purpose in detail.

Run an Information Campaign

Educating the community about the benefits of the campaign is an effective way to rally support for the cause. This strategy is a significant step in getting the local government to listen to the request. If people are unaware of the cause and its benefits, how could anyone expect to collect signatures for the petition? 

How can one organize an effective information campaign? Raising awareness for a cause is only possible through the education of the community. For example, if the goal is to have a safe and sustainable playground for children, one must educate the community about the advantages of having poured rubber and permeable surfaces. Providing the community with reasons why it’s crucial to support the cause will help rally them behind the campaign. If the local government sees that more and more people are supporting the cause, the chances of getting their attention and getting them to listen to it increase exponentially.

Make Allies

Whether we like it or not, this is a numbers game. The more people one can recruit to support the campaign, the better. Let’s assume enough signatures have been gathered, and the community has learned the advantages of reconstructing a playground made from sustainable materials. There will still be some people who will not lend their support. 

Make sure to engage everyone with respect. It does not matter if some people do not share the same belief as you. Treating them respectfully and stating the reason behind the campaign in a civilized manner may even result in conversions.

Let the Local Government Know the Benefits of an Eco-friendly Playground

After gathering community support, it’s time to engage in a dialogue with the local government. The best way to convince public officials to support an upgraded eco-friendly playground is to lay down its benefits for the children and the environment. Here are some of the benefits that can be cited to convince the local government.

An Eco-friendly Playground Is Safer for Children

A playground made of eco-friendly materials is safer for children. Since the materials used are all sustainable, toxins that are usually present in some metals will be absent. Also, getting rid of artificial grass and replacing it with a poured rubber surface prevents children from potential foot injuries.  

The Use of Sustainable Materials Is Good for the Environment

Opting for a permeable surface on playgrounds is beneficial to the environment. A porous surface for playgrounds will allow run-off water to permeate into the soil, preventing groundwater from being contaminated.

Sustainable Playgrounds Have Economic Benefits

Permeable playground surfaces absorb run-off water to prevent flooding that may damage property, saving money on repairs. Converting parks and playgrounds into green spaces can also help increase tourism, boosting the economy.

Eco-friendly Playgrounds Raise Environmental Awareness

The existence of such playgrounds serves as a reminder to the community about the importance of sustainability. It also teaches the younger generation the importance of protecting the environment.

Hopefully, these tips will help get your local government to upgrade playgrounds with eco-friendly materials. This would prove to be beneficial to the community, environment, and local government as well.

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