Is Rubber Mulch Safe For Dogs?

When choosing the right landscape mulch for your yard, rubber mulch made from recycled tires often comes up as an option. Its bouncy texture and vibrant color make it attractive for landscaping and play areas. However, pet owners may wonder – is rubber mulch safe for my dog? There are some considerations when using recycled rubber around our furry friends.

Some Rubber Mulch Contains Contaminants

Mulch made from recycled tires can occasionally contain traces of harmful substances. Used tires picked up from junkyards or roadsides may have bits of metal, toxic chemicals, or petroleum products embedded in them from their previous life on the road. These contaminants can potentially leach out of the mulch over time. Dogs who walk across or dig in tainted mulch could later lick their paws and ingest these toxins, leading to irritation or illness.

The production process is key – rubber mulch made through improper recycling may not adequately remove all impurities from the tire rubber before making the mulch. Always check the source and manufacturing process before purchasing recycled rubber mulch. Reputable brands will be able to provide proof their product is contaminant-free.

What Is Rubber Mulch Made Of?

There is a surplus of used tires in America, and the EPA reported that 290 million scrap tires are produced yearly. Instead of being disposed of in landfills, rubber mulch, takes these used tires and repurposes them as a safe surface for gardens and playgrounds. Here at Custom Park our rubber mulch is 100% recycled shredded rubber, making it an environmentally conscious surfacing solution.

Our premium bonded rubber mulch is IPEMA certified and meets all ASTM and ADA surfacing criteria, qualifying it for LEED credit. We offer a standard 3 year warranty on our bonded rubber mulch, with a 6 year warranty also available. The mulch also features maintenance programs for both new and existing surfaces, ensuring your rubber mulch surface stays looking fresh and performing properly for years to come. With certification, warranties, and maintenance programs, you can trust our bonded rubber mulch to be a high-quality and long-lasting surfacing solution.

With a sourcing and production process focused on safety, Custom Park rubber mulch is clearly a healthy choice for dogs.

Rubber Mulch Benefits for Dog Yards

When sourced properly, rubber mulch has many advantages that make it an ideal landscaping choice for dog-friendly yards:

  • Cushioning – Rubber mulch provides a soft, springy surface that cushions falls and rough play. This helps prevent injury to legs and paws, making it great for dogs who like to run and jump.
  • Traction – Even when wet, rubber mulch offers good traction and stable footing for dogs compared to loose materials like wood chips. Proper paw grip reduces strains, sprains and turned ankles.
  • All Weather Durability – Unlike organic mulches, recycled rubber does not break down or float away with heavy rain and stands up well to heat, cold and UV rays. This makes it an ideal option for dog yards in any climate.
  • Low Maintenance – Rubber mulch never needs frequent replenishing like wood chips. An occasional raking to redistribute and prevent compaction is all that’s required. Less work means more playtime with your pooch.
  • Attractive Appearance – The bright colors and soft texture give yards and paths an inviting, well-cared for look while also neatly delineating areas dedicated just for Fido. Custom Park offers rubber mulch in lively red, green and brown hues.
  • Odor Control & Cleanliness – Recycled rubber mulch does not retain moisture or odors like wood mulches, helping keep kennels and runs smelling fresh. It’s easy to clean and sanitize as needed. The crumbs are also too large to stick to dog fur and paws.


What Are The Benefits of Using Rubber Mulch in my Dog’s Yard?

Cushioning for safety, traction, durability, low maintenance, attractive appearance, and odor/stain resistance. Custom Park rubber mulch is the full package for dog yards!

How Can Rubber Mulch Be Unsafe For Dogs?

The main risks are contact with chemical contaminants, overheating in direct sunlight, ingestion of mulch, and improper installation leading to swallowing hazards. Proper sourcing, shading, and supervision prevent these.

Find The Right Mulch With Custom Park Surfacing

At Custom Park, our rubber mulch is specially engineered to be non-toxic and free of hazardous contaminants thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. We ethically source fresh rubber that has never touched the road, keeping your dog safe. Plus, our vibrant, cushiony mulch offers durability, traction and ease of maintenance to make your yard both dog- and owner-friendly. Contact us today to get started!

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