Is Flexi Pave Permeable?

Yes, Flexi Pave is a permeable paving material that allows water to drain through it.

Flexi Pave is a type of porous pavement that is designed to be permeable and allow stormwater runoff to pass through the surface and infiltrate into the ground below. This makes it an environmentally friendly paving option that can reduce stormwater pollution, decrease flooding risk, and replenish groundwater supplies.

How Flexi Pave Works

Flexi Pave has an open-graded structure that contains tiny spaces between the particles of its concrete or gravel composition. When it rains, the stormwater is able to drain through these spaces in the pavement rather than pooling above ground or flowing offsite. Below the Flexi Pave layer is a base layer of larger aggregate stones that provides structural support. The water infiltrates through the porous pavement layer and is temporarily stored in the void spaces within the base layer before gradually percolating into the underlying soil.

Some key advantages of the permeable nature of Flexi Pave include:

  • Reduced surface runoff and improved stormwater management – By allowing infiltration rather than sheeting of rainfall, Flexi Pave reduces the amount of stormwater that flows off site or ponds in parking lots and streets. This can reduce downstream flooding and erosion.
  • Natural filtration of pollutants – As stormwater passes through the pavement and underlying layers, many common pollutants are filtered out including oils, sediments, fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy metals. This improves downstream water quality.
  • Groundwater recharge – Allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the subsurface helps replenish local aquifers and groundwater supplies which are important drinking water sources.
  • Lower infrastructure costs – The reduction in surface runoff can eliminate the need for retention ponds, drainage pipes, and other stormwater infrastructure leading to significant cost savings.

In order for Flexi Pave to maintain its permeability over time, regular maintenance is required. This involves vacuum sweeping to prevent the pavement pores from getting clogged with sediment and debris. The pavement may also need to be raked or pressure washed periodically to remove buildup and maintain infiltration rates. If properly maintained, Flexi Pave can retain its permeability for up to 15 years.

Advantages of Flexi Pave

In addition to its permeable qualities, Flexi Pave has a number of other characteristics that make it a beneficial paving material in many situations:

  • Customizable – Flexi Pave comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors allowing for immense design flexibility. Decorative patterns, logos, and colors can be incorporated to enhance aesthetics.
  • Durable – It is made from high-strength concrete and aggregate materials designed to withstand heavy vehicle loads and extreme weather conditions. The porous structure is resistant to cracking and deterioration.
  • ADA compliant – Its smooth yet slip-resistant surface creates an accessible route of travel that meets ADA requirements for sidewalks and pedestrian areas.
  • Low lifetime cost – While the upfront cost is higher than some paving options, it has lower long-term costs due to reduced stormwater management requirements and minimal repairs or replacements needed.
  • LEED credits – Its environmental benefits make it eligible for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits which is attractive for green building projects.

Potential Applications

Flexi Pave can be used for a wide variety of hardscaping applications including:

  • Parking lots – Its permeability and durable surface make it ideal for parking areas. Flexi Pave parking lots have less flooding issues and reduced needs for restriping compared to traditional asphalt.
  • Driveways – An attractive and functional option for low-traffic residential driveways that also infiltrates runoff from the impervious roofs and patios.
  • Walkways, patios, plazas – Provides a firm yet comfortable walking surface with aesthetic customization options perfect for pedestrian paths, outdoor gathering areas, and more.
  • Stormwater management – Installing Flexi Pave in areas that traditionally contribute a lot of runoff can help meet stormwater drainage and treatment requirements.
  • Noise reduction – The open structure absorbs noise rather than amplifying it like traditional paving materials. This helps reduce noise pollution near roadways or commercial sites.
  • Eco-friendly development – Flexi Pave contributes to green building standards and environmental sustainability goals which are increasingly valued.

With its unique permeable structure, durability, and aesthetic flexibility, Flexi Pave can be an excellent paving material option for a variety of sites and applications. Its ability to infiltrate rainfall helps control stormwater runoff in an eco-friendly manner that can reduce infrastructure demands and environmental impacts. With proper installation and maintenance, Flexi Pave provides a high-performing permeable pavement solution.


What Are The Benefits of Flexi Pave’s Permeability?

The permeable structure provides several advantages including stormwater management, filtration of pollutants, groundwater recharge, lower infrastructure demands, and more eco-friendly development.

How Does Water Drain Through Flexi Pave?

Rainwater drains through the porous pavement layer and is temporarily stored in an underlying base layer before infiltrating into the soil below. This allows stormwater drainage without excessive runoff or pooling above ground.

Can Flexi Pave Be Used For Patios and Walkways?

Definitely. It provides an accessible, comfortable walking surface. Custom designs also make it ideal for patios, plazas, paths and other pedestrian areas.

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