Arsenal on the Charles : Bright Horizon’s Flexi-Pave Solution

Bright Horizon is a multi-location child care company – we repaved the path at their location in the Arsenal on the Charles using Flexi-Pave, similar in solution but not in scope to another project of ours in Sarasota, Florida.

Custom Park Surfacing - Arsenal on the Charles - flexipave footpath


Flexi-Pave is an aggregate paving material, made up of 50% stone aggregate and 50% chipped rubber tires by weight. The tires, of course, are recycled. The material is bound together by a urethane binder and can last, with minimal maintenance, up to 15 years.

Safety and Environmental impact of Flexi-Pave

Two other points – safety and environmental impact:

Flexi-Pave provides a more resilient surface for falls, as opposed to concrete or traditional asphalt, a concern at child care centers. Also, because of its installation and porous nature, it does not retain heat during the summer as do concrete or asphalt.

Porous Pavement

Also, because it is a permeable surface, rain and other precipitation flows through the surface and directly into the ground underneath, reducing the need for drainage and stormwater runoff mitigation, mitigating issues with stormwater management.

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