Bonded Rubber Mulch for Playground Surfaces

You are likely to encounter bonded rubber mulch in your search for playground surface materials. It’s important to weigh all your options as you choose what kind of flooring you want to install for your school’s or park’s playground. This material can serve your needs and meet your goals if you value safety and comfort. Discover what makes bonded rubber mulch a popular option among playground owners.

Playground with Bonded Rubber Mulch Surface

What Is Bonded Rubber Mulch?

Also known as resin-bound rubber mulch, this surface is among the several types recycled from tire rubber. Moreover, manufacturers use safe practices and materials when creating this flooring option, making it a go-to choice for many.

They make this product with shredded rubber pieces and a special binding agent. Together, they create a single surface that you can easily install around your playground floor or other applications.

As it’s made of shredded rubber, bonded rubber mulch has ADA approval. It is accessible to children with varying abilities. Whether a child uses a wheelchair or brings a scooter to play, this surface can easily support their needs without compromising their enjoyment.

Bonded rubber mulch is also a great long-term investment. With the proper maintenance, it can last up to a decade. In addition, its design makes it easy to maintain. It doesn’t take much effort to maximize its benefits.

What Are the Applications of Bonded Rubber Mulch?

Bonded rubber mulch is a great option for other purposes aside from playgrounds. Here are some applications where this material makes an ideal solution for your flooring project:

  • Child Care Centers: Corporate child care providers might choose bonded rubber mulch when they want to ensure a safe and comfortable area for their kids. They would use this surface on their outdoor spaces — perhaps their center’s backyard — to give children a safe place to run and play freely.
  • Jogging Trails: Parks and other recreational areas would likely use bonded rubber mulch in their jogging paths to provide a cushioned surface for the runners. It also gives them the assurance of a safe, durable surface that can endure heavy foot traffic and unpleasant weather conditions.
  • Pathways: You can use bonded rubber mulch as a design element to create pathways and other outdoor surfaces. The shredded rubber bits come in several colors, giving you design freedom. You can also arrange bonded rubber mulch surfaces to give it a unique look that fits your space.
  • Churches: Some religious establishments might have grounds that are ideal for applying bonded rubber mulch surfaces. This way, its members with children can let them enjoy the garden or backyard knowing that it is a safe place to play.
  • Sports Fields: Bonded rubber mulch is also ideal for sports fields and outdoor courts. Its design helps soften the impact of running on legs, which makes it a great option for athletes of all ages to practice their sport.

Why Is Bonded Rubber Mulch Better Than Regular Mulch?

If you find yourself weighing between bonded rubber mulch and regular mulch, consider the advantages of bonded rubber mulch:

  • Safety: Bonded rubber mulch is a great choice if you prioritize safety. Its design ensures that children are safe even as they run and play around on the playground. It also softens the impact of sudden falls, which is an advantage for athletes if you intend to install this material for sports purposes.
  • Long-lasting: As an artificial material, bonded rubber mulch does not decompose. You eliminate the risk of exposing children to rotting plants. This attribute also gives bonded rubber mulch an edge when it comes to durability, as its pieces can remain in the same condition for up to 10 years.
  • Easy Installation: Bonded rubber mulch is a user-friendly material that you can easily manipulate to serve your space’s surfacing needs. You can completely redesign your existing playground space with a new floor in as fast as a day if you choose this solution.

Installing bonded rubber mulch on your playground or other outdoor surfaces helps you provide an enjoyable and safe environment without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Although you can easily install this surface option yourself, consider getting a professional’s assistance to ensure your space is prepared to accommodate this artificial flooring option. Get in touch with our experts today.

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