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Questions about playground Surfacing Installs?

Playgrounds are an integral part of any community, offering a space for children to play, learn, and socialize. However, with the fun and games come the potential for accidents and injuries. This is where playground surfacing comes in – a critical component in playground safety.

Custom Park Surfacing is a company that provides playground surfacing services in Maryland. We specialize in providing high-quality, environmentally friendly playground surfacing that ensures the safety of children in parks, schools, amusement parks, water parks, daycares, entertainment centers, healthcare facilities, and recreation centers. The team at Custom Park Surfacing understands that each playground is unique and requires a specific type of place surfacing system. Therefore, we offer a range of playground surfacing materials, including Flexi-Pave, poured-in-place traditional rubber mulch, bonded rubber mulch, and artificial grass, to fit every playground’s needs.

Why Quality Playground Surfacing is Important

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When it comes to playgrounds, safety should always be the top priority. One of the most important aspects of playground safety is ensuring that the playground surfacing is of high quality. Inadequate playground surfacing can lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones and head injuries, and even death. The risks associated with poor-quality playground surfacing can be particularly significant for young children who are still developing their balance and coordination skills.

Safety Risks Associated with Inadequate Playground Surfacing

Inadequate playground surfacing can increase the likelihood of injuries caused by falls. Falls are the leading cause of playground injuries and can occur when children slip, trip, or lose their balance while playing. When a child falls on a hard surface, such as concrete or asphalt, the impact can cause serious injuries, including head injuries and broken bones. Poor-quality playground surfacing can also lead to other injuries, such as abrasions and contusions caused by rough or uneven surfaces.

Benefits of High-Quality Playground Surfacing:

High-quality playground surfacing provides several benefits, including safety, durability, and accessibility. Firstly, high-quality playground surfacing is designed to cushion falls, reducing the likelihood and severity of injuries. Secondly, it is more durable than poor-quality surfacing, ensuring that it can withstand the elements and heavy use by children. This means that it requires less frequent repairs and maintenance, saving time and money in the long run. Finally, high-quality playground surfacing is more accessible, allowing children of all abilities to play safely on the surface. This is particularly important for children with disabilities, who may require a smoother surface for mobility.

Types of Playground Surfaces

When it comes to playground surfacing, there are several different types of materials to choose from. Each type of surface has unique advantages and considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a surface to place rubber playground. In this section, we will describe the various types of playground surfaces available, including Flexi-Pave, poured-in-place rubber, bonded rubber mulch, and artificial grass.


Flexi-Pave is a popular playground surface that is made from recycled rubber. This surface is extremely durable, slip-resistant, and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is also porous, allowing for better stormwater and groundwater management. The unique flexibility of the material makes it ideal for playgrounds of all shapes and sizes. Flexi-Pave is an environmentally friendly and ADA-compliant option that is perfect for areas that see constant rain.

Poured-in-Place Rubber:

Poured-in-place rubber is another popular playground surface option that offers excellent shock-absorbent properties, making it a safe surface for children to playy on. This surface comes in a variety of colors, allowing for complete creative control over the play area’s design. Poured-in-place, rubber flooring is also slip-resistant, making it ideal for areas where safety is a top priority. This surface is perfect for schools or public park playgrounds.

Bonded Rubber

Bonded Rubber Mulch:

Bonded rubber mulch, also known as resin-bound rubber mulch, is made from shredded rubber pieces that are bonded with a special glue to create a solid surface. This rubber surface is porous, enabling it to absorb impacts and provide a safe surface for children to play on. Bonded rubber mulch is a popular choice because it is made with safe materials that do not trigger skin irritation in children who use it. This surface is perfect for playgrounds with heavy use.

Artificial Grass/Synthetic Turf:

Artificial grass is a low-maintenance option for playground surfaces that requires minimal upkeep and does not attract insects or small animals. This surface is durable and resistant to environmental wear and tear, making it a long-lasting solution for playgrounds. Artificial grass playground surfaces come in a variety of colors and are ideal for areas where grass is not practical, such as high traffic or arid areas.

When choosing a playground surface, there are several factors to consider, such as safety, durability, cost, and aesthetics. Each type of surface has its unique advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the playground’s specific needs and usage. Custom Park Surfacing can help you navigate these considerations and choose the best surface for your playground.

Custom Park Surfacing’s Playground Surfacing Services in Maryland

Custom Park Surfacing is a trusted provider of playground surfacing services in Maryland, offering a comprehensive range of playground surfacing options that are safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. With over 30 years of experience in the playground safety surfacing industry, Custom Park Surfacing has earned a reputation for providing high-quality playground surfacing installations that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Working with Custom Park Surfacing for Playground Surfacing

The process of working with Custom Park Surfacing for playground surfacing begins with a site assessment to determine the best surface material for your playground. The team will consider factors such as usage, budget, and local codes and regulations to determine the best option sub surface used for your playground. Once the surface material has been selected, the team will properly prepare the site by removing any existing debris and leveling the ground to ensure a smooth and even surface.

Installation will be handled by the team of experienced installers who have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly install the chosen playground surface. This includes preparing the proper base materials, laying down the surface material, and ensuring that it is properly compacted and leveled. Custom Park Surfacing will also provide guidance on how to properly maintain the playground surface and offer repair services if needed. The company provides a warranty on the installation and materials used, giving you peace of mind that your playground surface is safe and durable for the children to use.

Commitment to Quality Materials and Industry Standards

Custom Park Surfacing is committed to using only the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials that meet or exceed industry standards. The company’s dedication to safety is evident in the choice of materials, which are carefully selected to cushion falls, reduce the likelihood and severity of injuries, and ensure accessibility for children of all abilities.

The company also ensures compliance with industry standards, including ADA and ASTM, to ensure that your playground surface is safe and meets regulatory requirements. Custom Park Surfacing is committed to delivering exceptional service and quality products that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Testimonials and Case Studies

At Custom Park Surfacing, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality playground and surfacing products and services to our customers in Maryland. Our commitment to using only the best materials and delivering exceptional service has earned us a loyal customer base and numerous positive reviews. In this section, we will showcase some testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers who have worked with us on playground surfacing projects.


“Custom Park Surfacing exceeded our expectations. They were professional, efficient, and provided excellent service from start to finish. Our playground is now safe and accessible, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Mary R., Baltimore, MD

“I highly recommend Custom Park Surfacing for playground surfacing projects. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and completed the installation on time and within budget. We have received numerous compliments on the look and safety of smooth solid surface on our playground since the installation.” – Jim S., Annapolis, MD

Work with Custom Park for Playground Surfacing in Maryland

Playground surfacing is a crucial aspect of any playground, as it ensures the safety and accessibility of children. It is essential to use high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that meet industry standards to prevent injuries and ensure the longevity of the most attractive playground surface ever.

Custom Park Surfacing is a reliable and experienced provider of playground surfacing services in Maryland. We offer a comprehensive range of professional playground surfacing installation options that are safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Working with Custom Park Surfacing for playground surfacing guarantees a professional and efficient process, from site assessment to installation and maintenance.

By choosing Custom Park Surfacing, customers in Maryland can benefit from our commitment to quality materials and industry standards, which ensures compliance and peace of mind. Additionally, the company’s extensive experience in the industry and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned it a reputation for delivering exceptional service and quality products.

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